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Do you have Intermediate or higher level of English, but you can’t overcome the language barrier to communicate in English on your own?

Guys from FE Speaking Club will help you to speak fluently within your current level of knowledge.


Benefits to join FE Speaking Club (Skype):

practice English anywhere in the world

expand your active vocabulary

remove the language barrier

improve your listening skills

Skype Meetups with FE Speaking Club include:

talking about various topics

discussion of different articles

discussion of short movies

conversational role-playing games

Time and duration of FE Speaking Club online meetings:

We “meet” on Tuesdays at 19-15, the duration of the lesson is 2 hours. The minimum number of participants for an online meeting is 3 people. The administrator personally informs you of any changes in the meeting schedule.


Lessons Price (UAH) Price for FE Speaking Club members (UAH)
1 70 45

How to join?

Contact us in a convenient way for you from the following

Take the test to determine the level of knowledge

Send us a screenshot of the test results

We add you to the chat after prepaid participation

WELCOME TO FE Speaking Club (Skype)!

Contact us:




Tuesday at 19:15 - 21:15


Facebook: Nataly Oblovatska